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No matter if tennis, hockey or golf - even traditional sports are subject to the zeitgeist to some degree and cannot ignore modern influences. The difference between reproduction of fast-paced trends and the establishment of skillful product innovations lies in the detail, as usual.

Being enthusiastic golfers, this is a principle we have recognized quickly because the careful selection and individual assembly of the equipment are crucial components of the golf sport.

The aim of the founding of the knitcap Company has always been the creation of an innovative, creative and functional product real golf enthusiasts can identify with, stand out from the masses and still prove real understatement.

Our golf headcovers available both from the "Silver Edition" and the "Gold Edition" live up to this claim. The Silver Edition comes up with stylish color combinations which are eyecatchers on the golf course and functional at the same time. The Gold Edition offers you the possibility to assemble color combinations according to your wishes and taste. You may also have initials, numbers or labels attached to the club covers. Knitcaps are ideal golf gifts for golf teams, advertisers for companies or simply your own unicums. All our golf club headcovers were handmade by experienced and skillful knitters. The headcovers can be slipped on and off easily and protect driver, woods as well as rescues / hybrids during transportation.

Next to the development of innovative products the consideration of social aspects as well as regional, sustainable production are numbered among our principle maxims. This is why our Gold Edition is knit only by our team of Franconian senior citizens with high technical skills. These ladies have turned their hobby into a career. They take over the quality assurance autonomously and guarantee high-grade products. The Silver Edition is produced in co-operation with our knitwear manufacturer from Thuringia. The base material used for our knitcaps come from our wool supplier from Bavaria. Therefore our knitcaps are sustainable products deserving the title "Made in Germay" with justification.

Do you have further questions - we are surely glad to help you: info@knitcap.de.

Die knitcap Inhaber Matthias Schneider und Oliver Volkmuth

Have fun with our products!

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