Care and repair

After some time golf headcovers show signs of use and exertions of the golf course. The contact with grass, dirt and sand is hardly avoidable. This is no problem for our knitcaps! Due to the combination of materials our golf headcovers can be washed in the washing machine easily and without complications. Please use a special wool detergent and apply the right programm for hand laundry or wool with max. 30°.  After that put it down to dry. That way you will take much pleasure in your golf headcover.

Our golf headcovers are very sturdy, though it might happen that you get caught in the undergrowth while looking for the ball and tear a tiny hole in your head cover. Don't panic! You need to neither replace the golf headcover nor learn how to knit.

If you discover a hole in a knitcap please stop using it because this could widen the hole. A repair does usually not cost more than 10€.

This is what you do if you discover a hole in your knitcap:

1. Please take a picture of your knitcap with the respective damage shown.
2. Send the photo to Please do not forget your name and address.
3. With the help of your photo we will determine the repair effort.
4. You will receive an offer from us regarding the costs of the repair (usually not more than 10€.).
5. If you want us to repair your knitcap please send us the knitcap. Use the address stated in the order.
6. Transfer the invoice amount to the bank details stated in the order.
7. We will then repair your knitcap and send it back to you.